The world of art that is created by Michael Chearney is not the merely kind of work that you hang on a wall and admire. It is the kind of art that breathes life into you and every day, it’s emotion tethers itself around you like vapors of healing. Much like his freedom as a child to color outside of the lines, he has reinvented a movement that allows art to be profoundly instructive and generously warm. His work, even the earlier work where the contrast of color and feeling conveyed a lost sense of self, there was always a restorative practicum applied unconsciously. As his paintings evolve, so does the emotion transmitted through them. As if a vessel of creativity, the multiple layers and colorful facets that glide in between shades and textures breathe a sense of purpose into the final pieces.  
Dawn Garcia, Editor-in-Chief, ATOD Magazine

Named ATOD MAGAZINE Male Artist of the Year 2013

Drips of pigment, Chearney insists, and demonstrates, must move not just our eyes, but our minds and bodies. They need not coalesce into pictorial suggestions, as they did in Masson’s hands (or, for that matter, Pollock’s), but they must challenge the conventions of picture-making... We can slowly discern underlying energies that roil these candy-hued clouds, compositional chaos unfurling into coherency. In this, they resemble the universe, at least the images of the universe – the star-studded galaxies, the twinkling nebulas, the surfaces offar-off globes and suns – we see through our telescopes. 
Peter Frank, Los Angeles   

To own a Chearney is to put a captured fugue state on your wall, to let it transmit its energies over the space you inhabit and the people you invite into that space.  Chearney produces lightening rods of impulse that vibrate into the heart and core of space. 
Simon Herbert, Los Angeles

Simon Herbert has been an arts writer for Art Ltd. Magazine, and a contributor to many arts publications including ART MONTHLY, BORDER CROSSINGS, and CONTEMPORARY MAGAZINE.