It all started when…

Taking a leap of faith in 2005, Mike left his career as a Madison Avenue Creative Director to pursue to his passion for a life outside the lines. Self taught, and inspired by his early Baltimore childhood, Mike continues to pioneer a new energetic style of painting. Calling himself an abstract energetic painter, Mike believes art can transmit it’s own positively charged energy field lifting the viewer’s experience and his environment they inhabit.

Beyond the work they are seeing.


His most recent exhibition was in Mykonos 2018 and he is currently working on new paintings for a Greek Series showing in 2019. He is known for his energetic portraits of people, places, things. Working for commission, Mike sees beyond the subject to the paricular energetic signature within, their best selves, their soul. He is honored to have shown with

his awards include…

He was honored by the charity AWINDOW BETWEEN WORLDS’s for his creative vision and work in energetic transmission through the art. He received a county of los angeles

He lives and works in Los angels CA.

uses color fields to generate positive

Mike Chearney is an internationally known artist, whose passion for color and abstraction is a product of his childhood in John Water’s Baltimore.  Taught to paint with abandon and freedom at the age of two by his immigrant grandparents, Mike continues to work outside the lines. Mike took that creative freedom into a successful advertising career in New York and Los Angeles.  As a Clio winning creative director, he pioneered the art of computer generating people and natural imagery with Academy Award winning special effects director Jim Rygiel of Lord of the Rings fame. Mike operated his own successful gallery The Chearney Studio Gallery in West Hollywood CA from 2003-2008.  His commissions include vibrant pieces for the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce celebrating diversity, inclusion, and people of all colors; and a year long installation of his Japan Paintings at the Water Garden in Santa Monica.  From 2004 to 2009, Michael created several shows with DSI Entertainment Systems, working out new ways to exhibit original art along with video reproductions, creating a new way of seeing and feeling art, while still including the original creation.  Mike is a contributor to many art charities, and served as the Co-Chair of the LACMA Modern Art Fundraising Committee in 2008-2009.  He is currently working downtown at the 1820 Industrial Street Artists Lofts in Los Angeles.  He has shown in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago, and is held in private and corporate collections nationwide.