Artist Statement


Art for me, is a living thing.  

I create energetic portraits of people, places, life.  These intricate color fields pour forth from my unconscious to reflect back the highest self of the subject; energetic transmitters intended to raise the vibration of the spaces they occupy and the people who inhabit them.  Channeled in an extremely physical and spontaneous way, I find my paintings to be full of embedded symbolism; a mashup of Shakespearean themes, spiritual exploration, Disney archetypes and the cycle of life and more flowing into color and form.

There is no separation between the studio, the canvas and my body when I paint, no sense of elapsed time. There is just the paint flying, dripped, swirled, cajoled into its existence. I feel powerful bursts of inspiration channel through me and onto the canvas and beyond.  It is often difficult to leave the studio once I start painting, as I feel I must just keep painting until I cannot, that the information coming through is infinite in potential. Paintings emerge as positive energetic portraits of humanity, life experience and interconnection that reach beyond what we see to what we feel.  Once finished, the energy held in each painting continues to vibrate with the passion of the moment in which it was created. Each piece vibrates with its own frequency of color and its own unique non-verbal field of communication.  

At the same time, as a body of work, I believe these paintings speak or “sing” as one, a meditation on interconnection and harmony. New in my work is a feeling of open space and possibility, reflecting both my meditative process and my avid athleticism.  Uplifting, soulful and bright, my new work has a new reflective color palette with shimmering color combinations and subtle iridescent shadings.  Look for the trademark signature of this series, an infinity sign in each painting; no beginning, no end.