Mike Chearney is a self taught internationally shown…


award winning acrylic painter specializing in energetic abstract portraits of people, places and special objects. Chearney’s work explores color and texture signatures that open a window to a new dimension of seeing and feeling art previously unseen to many, the soul. . Primarily working on commission, Mike sees beyond the subject to the particular energetic signature within them, their best selves, their soul. The scope and power of his work lives around the world in canvases as micro or macro as space warrants. With a largely commission driven focus, Chearney has captured the essence of a collection of our leading art patrons and art lovers in portraits designed to reveal their best selves through vivid color fields. A self-taught painter, inspired by his early Baltimore childhood, Mike continues to pioneer a new energetic style of painting. He believes his art can transmit it’s own positively charged energy vibration through channeled color frequencies specific to the subject. These fields translate to canvas, walls, objects, fabric, and are intended to lift the viewer’s experience and the environment they inhabit.




Artists Chearney has shown with: Chagall, Miro, Picasso, Dali, Hockney, Moses, Graham, Basquiat, Ruscha, Geary. A second career fine artist, he began painting at 40 and is honored to hang with many contemporary trailblazers like Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey, Carlos Bentancourt and Kelly Berg.


Mike exhibited at Greece’s leading contemporary gallery, The Rarity Gallery, in Mykonos in the Spring and Summer of 2018 and he is currently working on new paintings for a Greek Series there showing in Summer 2019 based on the origins of democracy.

His greatest honor has been the support of the charity A Window Between Worlds. He received their Creative Vision award in 2017 for his work in energetic transmission and healing art and a Commendation from the City of Los Angeles as well. He is dedicated to healing abuse and discrimination through art, as are they.